Dvořák Piano Quartet

The Dvořák Piano Quartet is made up of musicians already experienced in the field of chamber music. Since 1999, while still studying at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Prague, the pianist Slávka Pěchočová played with the cellist Jan Žďánský in the IUNO Trio. Their collaboration continued when they took part in a complete recording of Janáček’s chamber works (2005-2007).

The artistic partnership of Slávka Pěchočová with the violinist and viola player Petr Verner began in July 2009, which coincided with their also playing in a piano quartet. Shortly afterwards, they formed the Spring Duo, and since that time they have dedicated themselves to playing chamber music together. An interesting stimulus was the wish of Prof. Cyril Höschel to hear a performance of Schubert’s “Trout” Quintet by top Czech players, which they duly gave with Bohuslav Matoušek, Michal Kaňka and Pavel Nejtek. There followed many further collaborations with top artists, such as Jan Talich, Ludmila Peterková, Pavel Verner,  Jana Vonášková - Nováková, Martina Bačová, Tomáš Jamník and Alžběta Vlčková. 

The great wish of the Spring Duo was to create a larger stable ensemble and, at the suggestion of a number of concert planners, a piano quartet was formed: Slávka Vernerová-Pěchočová (piano), Štěpán Pražák (violin), Petr Verner (viola) and Jan Žďánský (cello). Originally, the ensemble performed under the name Spring Piano Quartet.

Recently, the kind permission to use Dvořák’s name for the ensemble was granted by the direct descendant of the composer, Antonín Dvořák III. This title also received the approval of the Antonín Dvořák Society in Prague.

The creation of the Dvořák Piano Quartet is thanks largely to their artistic mentors, Prof. Ivan Moravec and Maestro Václav Hudeček.

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