Choc de Classica

An lively , colorful and enriched with folk music interpretation.
We all know the seriousness and the enthusiasm of the Czech musicians as well as their particular fiery temperament they can use of when it comes to defend their own national repertoire. This ensemble, named after Antonín DVOŘÁK with the composer's family 's consent, are most endearing in their concern to be faithful to the composer.
Quartet #1, although relatively youthful and charming, is quite an accomplished piece /work and that' s exactly what the musicians had in mind.
The delicate and melodious style of the 3rd /last movement evokes that of Schubert in his happiest days. The second movement is played with as much feeling as sensitivity.
Quartet #2 written 14 years later has a firmer nature. Our musicians strike it up with a beautiful impetus and have found the right warm tenderness for the second theme.
The moving cantilena of the cello in the slow movement meets with a crystal - clear piano and satin strings. It's both a love dream and a prayer.
In the scherzo, moderate and atypical in its extreme parts, vigorous and electric in its trio, it sounds like a "sousedka", a sort of Czech Landler, alternating with a "jumping   (?)" skocna", the musicians probably being familiar with their nation folklore.
The vitality of the final movement that also seems to be a summary of the Slavic dances overflows with an energetic and communicative nature.
The tones of this Ensemble, transparent in its intimate effects, naive in its rural character, sound like and orchestra in its dramatic moments that remind us of /evoke the 7th symphony.                         CLASSICA / Mai 2019